Karianne Brouwer


Already from a very early age on Karianne (1966) makes music.
As a child from musical parents (both very good amateur pianists) she grew up with music.
“When my mother played or taught I went to sit under the piano; I was already fascinated by music then”.

As a four-year-old she played songs that she heard on the radio on the piano.
She could easily remember and play the chords.
At the age of nine she started to take cello lessons.
She was able to reach such a high level at the age of twelve that it seemed a good idea to send her to the preparatory course in music at the conservatoire.

However, Karianne preferred to learn to play the violin.

“The clear, singing sound of the violin appealed to me tremendously, it aroused light, pleasant emotions within me whereas the cello aroused more melancholy feelings. Already as a child I sensed this”.

Karianne took lessons at the music school from her thirteenth until her sixteenth.
Right before her seventeenth birthday she was admitted to the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. She studied under Isidor Lateiner, Davina van Wely, Janet Krause and John Harding.

She was trained as a Bachelor/Masters of Music in Education and Bachelor/Masters of Music at the Royal Conservatoire and during her last year of the course (MMus) she acquired the position of tutti first violinist with Het Gelders Orkest.
She then played for sixteen years in HGO and decided to stop in 2006.

From that moment on she continued as a freelance violinist and applied herself to the Argentinean tango (course at the Rotterdam Conservatoire) as well as to world and pop music. In 2009 she discovered her passion for folk music and Celtic folk in particular.

She worked with Herman van Veen, Christina Branco, Lakatos, Jaap van Zweden, Frank Groothof, Edwin Rutten and many other musicians/artists at home and abroad. Her passion is making music from the heart as music is besides technical skill, all about emotion and power of expression.

Being an arranger as well, Karianne has arranged many old Celtic traditionals for violin, vocals, piano and other instruments.
Besides that she is a composer who draws her inspiration from the ancient Celtic, mystical culture which she then mixes with contemporary (folk, pop and jazz) influences.
This results in a very special mix of the old, mystic and stillness with the new, fresh and high-spirited.

Besides being an enthusiastic violinist/musician Karianne is also a violin teacher.
From the same enthusiasm she likes to inspire others.
Love for the instrument and music form the basis.
For many years now she runs her own teaching practice. At the moment she teaches in Brummen and surroundings.